Man sealing cracks in windows for pest prevention
If you are like most people, you are definitely happy that the long winter is ending and spring has arrived in Ohio. Warmer weather, more light, and a plethora of flowers and trees in bloom are all signs of spring that people look forward to. Unfortunately, there is one sign of spring that is met […]
Fly in restaurant
For countless commercial industries around the country, pests can inundate even the most seemingly pristine spaces and wreak havoc for those who work or live there. From manufacturing plants and factories to office buildings, apartment buildings, and restaurants, pests can easily find their way into the buildings through even the smallest cracks and crevices.  Certain […]
Mouse in the home during winter
A mouse, a roach, a spider—what’s one thing all these pests have in common? Nobody wants to find one in their home in the dead of winter (or any time for that matter). However, it’s not uncommon to find the occasional pest in your home, especially as winter approaches. While it can be unsettling to […]
Spider in house trapped under a glass
The thing you have to realize about spiders is that they feed on other insects. So if you’re noticing a large uptick in the number of spiders you’re seeing around the house, you’re likely acting as a great food supply for them. Let’s discuss a few other reasons why your house seems to be the […]
Person holding up arm with bed bug bites
Have you or your family been waking up with itchy red bumps on your skin? You could have bed bugs, or you could have fleas! They are similar in appearance and size, and both feed on blood. They also both leave very few visible traces and are hard to spot because of their small size. […]
German cockroach control for food service/restaurant industry
You know them and you hate them. One of the most common pests to infest restaurants is the German cockroach. They are attracted to fresh food, as well as garbage scraps, which are both readily available in a restaurant setting. They can also be introduced into your restaurant in boxes and bags or come in […]
Fruit flies on banana
A few bugs crashing your outdoor picnic seem par for the course – you are on their turf after all. Your kitchen, on the other hand, is a different story. One of the most common insects to infiltrate this area of the home, and among the most frustrating, is the fruit fly. Where Do Fruit […]
Stink bug
The winter does a great job of getting rid of most flying insects such as mosquitoes and even the bees. While mosquitoes might no longer be a problem during the winter, other insects like cockroaches, mice, spiders, stink bugs, bed bugs, and pavement ants are always ready to take their place.  Like humans, many of […]
Mosquito bite on arm
Ice cream, pool parties and….mosquitoes!?! Unfortunately, mosquitoes are a natural part of warm weather and although they make their presence known, these pesky insects don’t have to ruin your warm weather fun. Here are ways you can keep mosquitoes at bay this summer! Smoke ‘Em Out! Fire pits are a staple of summer and fall—the […]
House mouse
Mice and rats can prove a destructive and unhealthy nuisance to your property. They destroy your belongings, yard or garden, leave behind harmful germs and bacteria, and even spoil your food, which proves damaging to your health. In some cases, you may not have direct contact with the mice, but their droppings transmit the germs. […]

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