commercial1Using Commercial Services from General Pest Control guarantees a pest-free environment for tenants, employees, and customers with minimal work from you. For over 75 years, we have been providing pest management services to local businesses in northeastern Ohio. Now a third-generation business, General Pest has the expertise and staff to handle accounts of any size – from the tallest building in the city to your corner grocery.

We provide business owners with several different service plans all aimed at keeping a safe working environment. Whether you are running an apartment building, a factory, a retail store or a restaurant, keeping pests out is key to your success.

Expect Quick Response to Your Call for Commercial Pest Control Services

Because we are a locally-owned company of medium size, we can respond to your initial call quickly. Our reliable staff understands the importance of managing insects and rodents to your business and will make an extra effort to be onsite quickly.

Avoid Hassles with our “Under-the-Radar”
Pest Service

At General Pest Control, you will hardly know we are there. We know you don’t want a lot of publicity about any problems you may have, so we quickly and quietly slip in and handle them.

With an annual contract, we can keep the pest problems from piling up on your facility manager’s desk. Our trained technicians will arrive at prearranged intervals to treat your building with liquids, dusts, and aerosols to rid you of any pests.

Appreciate the Quality of Work We Do

The service specialists at General Pest are trained in the most current pest management techniques and the special requirements of facilities inspected by A.I.B., USDA, and FDA. Our employees receive extensive training that sets the standard for the industry and exceeds the regulatory requirement. We have a graduate entomologist and registered sanitarians working every day to support the service staff and help solve client problems. We have developed successful solutions for:

Feel Safe with the Products We Use

Our products are safe and approved for pest control. Check out our SDS and Labels to see for yourself.

Contact us today for a quote on your commercial pest control services.


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