How to Keep Pests Out During Colder Months

Stink bug

How to Keep Pests Out During Colder Months

The winter does a great job of getting rid of most flying insects such as mosquitoes and even the bees. While mosquitoes might no longer be a problem during the winter, other insects like cockroaches, mice, spiders, stink bugs, bed bugs, and pavement ants are always ready to take their place. 

Like humans, many of the pests found in homes during the colder months of the year seek warm shelter. Thankfully, with a few precautions, home repairs, and help from the experts if you need us, you can keep pests out this winter and enjoy your home without worrying about those little invaders!

Seal Cracks and Holes

Rodents are known to be very industrious and can fit through holes as small as a beer cap. To keep rodents out during colder months, seal up any cracks and gaps you find around the house. Check for cracks, leakages, and damages to areas with utilities and pipes that enter your home, and repair any physical damage that you might find. 

Keep Firewood Outside and Away from Your Home

Pavement ants, rats, and mice find stored firewood very appealing. They will often be found nesting in a large firewood pile, especially during winter. By keeping any wood far from your house, you can effectively keep rodents and ants at bay.

Remove Moisture Sites

Cockroaches are known to hide in sites where there’s excessive moisture or access to food. Therefore, areas like your kitchen and bathrooms are potential breeding sites for these tenacious insects. 

Ensure that you eliminate or reduce the moisture sites both inside and outside of your home before winter starts. Some of the sites to look out for include leaking pipes, clogged drains, and static water deposits. Clean your kitchen and bathroom while also keeping these areas of the home uncluttered to reduce the chances of harboring overwintering cockroaches or other insects.

Check Screens Around Windows and Doors 

Insects like stink bugs are likely to invade homes by entering houses and other structures in colder autumn evenings to survive the winter. Stink bugs enter in even the smallest of cracks or holes around windows, door frames, or chimneys. These insects usually hibernate during winter but can become active due to the warmth inside a house. 

To prevent stink bugs from infesting your home, you should install door sweeps and repair damaged screens in windows. Add screens to chimney or dryer vents to prevent entry. 

It is also a good idea to keep areas like the basement and attic dry, well ventilated, brightly lit, and free of cluttered piles of cardboard boxes or newspapers. 

Store Less Frequently Used Items in Plastic Bags

Spiders are fond of staying in areas that are not often disturbed, such as closets, drawers, attics, and basement areas. 

Store your unused clothing, shoes, and items in storage in plastic bags to prevent spiders from getting access to them. 

Additionally, overgrown trees and shrubs outside the home can become favorite spots for spiders. Keep trees and shrubs close to your home’s windows or doors neat and trimmed down for the winter.

Maintain a Clean and Tidy Home

This tip applies to all times of the year, but especially in the winter when pests are looking for a cozy place to stay. The warmth of your home combined with lots of crumbs and cluttered areas makes your house look the most appealing to many pests. Be sure to keep pantries clean, counters wiped down, and clutter at bay.

Get Help from the Experts

You can enjoy the warm indoors this winter without worrying about rodents and insects by following the tips above. But if you continue to see a lot of pests in your home, it’s probably time to turn to the professionals. Our team is happy to help! Contact us today to request a quote.



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