Keeping Mosquitoes at Bay This Summer and Early Fall

Mosquito bite on arm

Keeping Mosquitoes at Bay This Summer and Early Fall

Ice cream, pool parties and….mosquitoes!?! Unfortunately, mosquitoes are a natural part of warm weather and although they make their presence known, these pesky insects don’t have to ruin your warm weather fun. Here are ways you can keep mosquitoes at bay this summer!

Smoke ‘Em Out!

Fire pits are a staple of summer and fall—the perfect place to gather and are designed to keep you warm on cool, summer evenings. They also serve as the perfect deterrent for mosquitoes because those pesky vermin hate smoke! 

In tandem with the fire, there are certain items you can specifically burn to repel the pests even further. Using cedar logs in your fire, or even cedar bark, will continue the repulsion and improve your summer nights.

No fire pit? No problem! Even a little bit of smoke helps keep those pesky mosquitoes away! Other ideas to a fire pit include barbeque flames or even candles.

Naturally Speaking

Essential Oils are becoming increasingly popular as natural, homemade remedies for an array of ailments. Not surprisingly, there are many essential oils proven to repel mosquitoes. A few common essential oils include citronella, thyme, lavender and eucalyptus. To use, gently rub directly on skin or dilute to desired consistency.

In addition to the essential oils, there are methods that include these scents that will further repulse these insects. Here are a few tips on how to incorporate these scents, whether enjoying a quiet evening in your backyard or adventuring out:

  • You can purchase citronella logs to burn into your fire – the combination of smoke and the scent of citronella is sure to drive those mosquitoes far, far away.
  • Grow lavender! If you already thrive on gardening, adding this easy to grow plant will help prevent mosquitoes from invading your space.
  • Toss a few thyme leaves into your fire pit or camp fire and enjoy a mosquito-free zone for hours!
  • Combine witch hazel, apple cider vinegar and citronella into a spray bottle and lightly mist skin. Instant mosquito repellent!

What’s On Everyone’s Minds: COVID-19

With the novel coronavirus spreading rapidly throughout the world this year, the spread of the disease is the topic of all conversations. It’s natural to wonder if mosquitoes can spread the disease. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) mosquitoes cannot and do not spread COVID-19. The coronavirus is spread through respiratory droplets and there is no evidence that suggests that this virus is spread through mosquitoes.

General Pest is Here To Help!

If the suggestions above don’t keep the mosquitoes at bay, General Pest Control has a comprehensive treatment plan for your yard. Contact us today to find out about a monthly service or a one time treatment.

Source: WHO


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