Eco-Alternatives for Green Pest Control

Almost everyone has to deal with pests either inside or outside. In order to avoid poisoning our environment, we need to evaluate eco-friendly alternativesĀ and green alternativesĀ to toxic pesticides and insecticides. It is wise to avoid the use of chemicals when they are not really needed. General Pest Control is committed to eco-alternatives in pest management.

Choose a Company Who Cares About
the Environment

Qualitypro-GreenWe have earned our GreenPro Certification. This is the world’s largest green accreditation program for the pest management industry. Fewer than 1% of businesses have earned this prestigious certification.

Protect Your Property from Toxic Chemicals

As a Green Pro certified company, General Pest Control uses eco-alternatives and green-friendly approaches to pest management. This means we protect your property with a lot of thought and preparation in advance:

  • We provide the most environmentally-friendly service available
  • We must comply with a comprehensive set of credentials
  • The program standards we adhere to are developed, reviewed and governed by an independent advisory committee

Expect Good Results with Eco-Alternatives for Green Pest Control

Eco-alternatives are very effective. A GreenPro service includes:11605128_s

  • Inspection and early detection monitoring
  • Identification of any signs of pest presence or pest conducive condition
  • Targeted, pest-specific solutions that eliminate the pest conducive conditions including food, water, shelter, and access

Our GreenPro trained technicians will make recommendations for what you need to do to prevent pest problems from increasing. If our specialist needs to use a pesticide, he will use products in a way that minimizes risk to people, pets, property, and the environment.

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