Secure your future to be pest-free with commercial bed bug services from General Pest Control. With over 75 years of experience, General Pest Control has the know-how to secure your property from bed bugs. We treat many locations in NE Ohio like motels and hotels, multi-unit rental properties, and places the public visits like bank branches, physicians’ offices, and a variety of waiting rooms for bed bugs and many other commercial pest control services.

Enjoy the Benefits of Commercial Bed
Bug Treatment

After years of almost no bed bug reports, they are now on the rise. Although American bed bugs have been almost eliminated because of insecticides, the increase in international travel has brought many bed bugs back to the U.S. General Pest Control receives frequent calls to treat for them. We offer you:

  • 16634368_sThorough inspections
  • Training programs for facility managers including what to look for and how to respond
  • Bed bug sniffing dogs “K9 inspections”
  • Response time within 24 hours (often the same day)
  • One-time, one-incident treatment followed by as-needed service
  • Regular inspections (if needed)
  • Customized programs for your situation
  • Follow-up in 5-7 days

Individualize Your Bed Bug Treatment Plan

Different businesses need different levels of service. If you are in the hospitality industry, you need 100% assurance that your facility makes your clients feel at home. We understand that you need to rely on safe, environmentally-responsible pest control that creates the perfect experience that your guests desire.

Our inspections will show whether you have a one-time problem or an infestation on your hands. Perhaps
one bed bug came in, and no others will ever be found. An infestation indicates that bed bugs are brought in repeatedly. They breed and spread throughout the area. This requires different treatment than the first situation.

Your treatment plan and schedule will be created with your input based on inspection results and industry expectations. We include inspection points to monitor. At General Pest, we give you written documentation of every treatment for inspections that you need to pass.

Contact General Pest Control for Commercial
Bed Bug Services

Contact us to schedule an inspection or to request a quote today. See our Angie’s List Award Winning customer service for yourself.


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