Food services are particularly vulnerable to pest infestation with continual deliveries and traffic in and out of the restaurant, store, or warehouse. Commercial pest control services from General Pest Control:

  • Put your fears at ease.21217576 copy
  • Ensure a clean, attractive environment to keep your
    customers happy.
  • Secures your reputation for attention to details.
  • Protects your inventory from recalls.
  • Keeps the health inspector satisfied.
  • Gives you more time to run your business.

Expect a Quick Response Time to Your
Food Services Call

With over 75 years of experience in the industry, at General Pest Control we understand that you need fast, effective response to problems. We service northeast Ohio from Lake Erie as far south as Canton. Our twenty trucks are continually on the road meeting the needs of our clients. Our highly-trained technicians can meet the needs of any size facility from the largest building in town to the corner grocery store.

Get Better Pest Solutions from Our
Highly-Trained Staff

The service specialists at General Pest are trained in the most current pest management techniques and the special requirements of facilities inspected by A.I.B., USDA, and FDA. Our employees receive extensive training that sets the standard for the industry and exceeds the regulatory requirement. We have a graduate entomologist and registered sanitarians working every day to support the service staff and help solve client problems. We have the staff to understand and resolve your issues. And we are GreenPro Certified.

Request a Quote for Ongoing Pest Management

Whether you have a food services retail establishment, restaurant or food processing establishment, the needs of your property are incredibly detailed. We understand the importance of a clean environment to protect, attract and maintain clients. When one slip-up can mean thousands of food lot recalls, General Pest knows you have a lot on the line. Let your reputation rest on our shoulders.

Contact us today to discuss your needs or to request a quote for an economical annual contract for ongoing pest management.

Let General Pest deliver top quality pest management for you. We solve pest issues for some of the most highly-sensitive companies in northeastern Ohio.


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