Even though you try your best to keep a pest-free environment, unwanted invaders can slip in with incoming deliveries and materials that arrive unchecked by routine pest inspections. Keeping your offices and manufacturing area free of problem pests is an ongoing adventure.

Expect a Quick Response to a Pest
Service Call

With over 75 years of experience at General Pest Control, we understand your frustration and are prepared to help you with our commercial pest control services solutions. Expect a quick response to your phone call when there is a problem. We immediately work on eliminating the pests and restoring you to a good working environment.

Expect Highly Trained Pest Control Technicians

General Pest Control technicians are licensed and trained in current pest management techniques and the special requirements of facilities inspected by A.I.B., USDA, and FDA.

Our employees receive extensive training that sets the standard for the industry and exceeds the regulatory requirement. We have a graduate entomologist and registered sanitarians working every day to support the service staff and help solve client problems. And we are also GreenPro Certified.

Expect a Choice of Pest Control Service Plans

20298600_sBecause of the traffic in and out of your facility, continual pest control is recommended. We can offer you economical annual service plans to manage your pest control needs.

Monthly service is recommended for larger facilities. With pre-scheduled maintenance calls, there is minimal effort required by your staff to keep your offices and manufacturing area pest free. You know you have pest control, but don’t have to worry about it, because we are doing our job.

Get More Information about Managing Pest in Your Offices or Manufacturing Facility

At General Pest, we have the staff to manage any size facility from the tallest building in town to a small neighborhood store.

Contact us for an inspection or to request a quote for your application. We take what we do seriously and want to ensure that our solutions meet your needs.


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