35690503_sWhen you do not want to sign a long-term contract, count on
The General Pest Control Company
to provide you with the service program that fits your needs. Our single services are available for most crawling, flying, and stinging insects.

We provide a complimentary inspection of your home for evidence of the particular pest that you are concerned about, as well as checking to see if there is anything else going on that you haven’t found yet!

Get Guaranteed Results from our Single Home Pest Treatments

Most residential pest control services come with a 60 day treatment warranty. If we do not erase your pest problem, we will return promptly, and as often as needed, to correct the problem at no additional fee.

Protect Your Home from Crawling Insects

At General Pest Control, we offer your home protection from crawling insects, some of which damage the wood in your house. Others may bite your family or leave bad smells.

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  • Millipedes
  • Ground Beetles
  • Clover Mites
  • Fleas

Protect Your Family from Stinging Insects

While bees of all kinds are extremely useful in nature, they are dangerous inside your home. They are easily antagonized and frequently sting family members and pets. If someone is allergic to the stings, this can be life threatening. Let us remove this danger from your house or garage. Ask about our season-long treatment warranty.

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Keep Rodents Outside Where They Belong

Don’t allow rodents to chew the wiring in your attic, destroy the boxes of treasures in your basement, or bite your children and pets. We protect you from all the health issues caused by them and the damage they can cause. Contact us to seal your home from:

Watch for Seasonal Pests and other Nuisances

Be concerned with what you bring home in your luggage, what your dog drags in, and the bugs that show up only for short seasons each year. Let us bring you peace of mind for:

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If you are having a party and want to keep the bugs from biting, try our mosquito treatment.

Contact Us for an Inspection Today

We will be glad to offer you an inspection to determine what course of action should be taken. Contact us for an inspection or to request a quote on any of our single services offerings. Let us put your home back in the comfort zone today.


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